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The ethos of Finance & Mortgage Solutions (FMS) is based on the concept of Kaizen Daily Measurable Improvements. In business management Kaizen is a Japanese tradition which is now used internationally, modified by each culture to best suit their own business environments. A literal translation of the term is “to become good through change”. At its most basic the concept of Kaizen is one of restructuring and organising every aspect of a system to ensure it remains at peak efficiency.
Kaizen is founded upon five primary elements:
Quality Circles
Groups which meet to discuss quality levels concerning all aspects of a company’s running.
A strong company is a company that pulls together every step of the way. Kaizen aims to help employees and management look at themselves as members of a team, rather than competitors.
Suggestions for Improvement
By requesting feedback from each member of the team, the management ensures that all problems are looked at and addressed before they become significant.
Improved Morale
Strong morale amongst the workforce is a crucial step to achieving long-term efficiency and productivity, and kaizen sets it as a foundational task to keep constant contact with employee morale.
Personal Discipline
A team cannot succeed without each member of the team being strong in themselves. A commitment to personal discipline by each employee ensures that the team will remain strong.

Our Mission

The mission of Finance & Mortgage Solutions has always been to work with our clients to build a relation to enhance their financial freedom. We understand you to make it easier so that we can be there for all the changes in your circumstances! We are transparent and work with the utmost integrity to deliver value to assist you in reaching your goals. Our financial solutions are for all types of clients’ offering holistic and objective advice, with a complete focus on client needs.

Meet our Amazing Team

Madhu Chaudhuri
Madhu brings a fresh outlook to seemingly arduous situations and easily crafts solutions providing customers a holistic solution to have a foundation on which they can achieve their goals with relative ease.
Arnab Ghosh Dastidar
Business Consultant and Operational Head
Arnab has more than a decade of experience in various industry verticals and global markets. His primary expertise is in business processes and operations in logistics.