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How to make the most of a small renovation?

Renovation paint card

Budget Renovation

Purchasing a home is a big expense and unless you have built a new home, the expense does not end at simply buying the home. The following are the top 3 most popular and value adding renovations you can do for your home. They just happen to also add comfort and style as well. #renovation #refinance #homeowner #Firsthomebuyer #newhome #homeloan #mortgage
1) Kitchen
The kitchen is where the family and guests often spends the most amount of time. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate. As kitchen cabinetry trends go in and out of style within a decade it can often be the one area of your home that can look dated quickly. An updated paint job will bring warmth to this heart of the house.

2) Wooden Deck or Alfresco
When home buyers look at houses, a deck is one of those items that almost everyone can picture doing certain activities on, cementing your home’s resale value. While a house costs about $85 per square foot, the deck is only $35-$50 per square foot, means that you get a lot of value out of this added usable space. For example, making an outdoor living room with a grilling station is a great way to enjoy your home inside and out.

3) Garage Door
The garage door is often neglected. It represents about 20% of the front of your home visually if it faces the front. A new automatic electric door can also provide that luxurious comfort of simply driving into the garage during hot summer or cold winters, making its value and luxury unbeatable.

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Looking for a low-maintenance home?


Container home

As a home owner one of your main considerations will be initial and ongoing maintainance costs. A new trend to consider is a container home. #HomeBuyer #FirstHome #Homeconstruction #GrannyFlat #HomeLoan #Containerhome #innovation

These homes are made from old shipping containers which are then modified to fit the size requirements of the home owners. They can be used as building blocks for homes, granny flats, shops or offices. The containers are like giant Lego blocks that can be built into anything at all.

They are cost effective, quick to build and tolerate harsh weather well (imagine transporting goods on cargo ships and being handled by cranes and trucks for years). These homes are eye catching and talking points and you sure to be the star.

So, consider this new trend while looking into your next home be it an investment or one you are planning to live in. Call Madhu on 0425 341 086 to explore the best finance option for you. Read more on our Facebook Page or on LinkedIn.