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Elevate, delegate and Dominate

By madhu on July 20, 2015
When you start to evaluate every project or task that you THINK has to be done and done by you every day, you will soon find that the task should follow this process.

Allow me to introduce my NEW Five D Formula . . .

Determine, Ditch, Delegate, Duplicate and Dominate

When you start to evaluate every project or task that you THINK has to be done and done by you every day, you will soon find that the task should follow this process.

Step #1) Determine: Very often we just "do" instead of methodically thinking about the task at hand. That is why the first step is to "determine". Determine if this is something that has to be done at all, done by you or done by someone else.

Move to step #2 . . .

Step #2) Ditch: Working moms - more than any other subset of people - have the hardest time with simply saying "no." Most are unable or unwilling to say that a task is not important enough fms1for their time or anyone else's. Look: we all have the same 24 hours in a day - no more, no less. So why is it that we sometimes feel that we should accomplish 28 hours' worth of tasks in a single day?

In order to turn down a task, just ask yourself the following question: "What will the result be if nothing is done about this project?" This makes your decision very easy. And when you are completely honest with yourself, you will find that 20% to 30% of the things you spend time on don't need to be done at all!

Move to step #3 . . .

Step # 3) Delegate: You have determined that there are tasks that you can ditch and of course others that must get done. But so many do not have to be done by you. The art of delegating relies on finding the right person whose strengths are YOUR weaknesses. You need to do what you do best and not spend time and energy on tasks that you are not particularly good at or that don't excite you. Your time and energy should be spent on your natural gifts, things that are innate and that you love doing.

You should apply this rule at home and at the office. For example, I'm not particularly good at building websites; this is something I delegate to team members. At home, I don't enjoy cleaning my house. This is a task I delegate to a cleaning woman who comes to my home and - believe it or not - loves to clean.

Because I do not spend my time on tasks like these, I get to devote that time to tasks that play to my strengths. At the office, my strengths are marketing and content creation. At home, one of my strengths is helping my kids with their homework. These are things that I am very good at and I love doing.

Move to step #4 . . .

Step # 4) Duplicate: Now you are doing great. You have determined what really needs to get done. You have ditched tasks. You have delegated tasks. But now you know something has to get done and you know it need to be done by someone like you - but you still have that pesky time crunch.

So what do you do?

Well have you ever wished you had a clone? I sure used to! Now I have several. Being able to make more money and have more free time comes down to doubling, tripling, and quadrupling your output without YOU doing the actual work.

The reason so many people don't duplicate is because they don't understand the correct way to do so. Most people think, "I will never find anyone as good as I am." Here is the beautiful part - you don't have to.

You see, you must simply find different people who can do specific tasks as well as you can. So perhaps you need to find three or four people.

These people need to share some of your qualities. You need to check your ego at the door and strive to find people who have the ability to be as good as and even better than you are.

So if you write all of your promotional copy, make all the affiliate deals, and develop all your products, you need to find three duplicates: One person to write the copy better than you do now while maintaining your voice and style. One person to cultivate new affiliate deals. This person should have your vivacious personality and be extremely outgoing (if these are your personality traits). And one person to develop products - someone who has even bigger ideas and the ability to get the products completed faster.

Move to step #5

Step #5) Dominate: This is where you come in. Because of the prior 4 steps, you are left with fewer tasks to handle yourself. This means you can move the quality line from good to great.

You now have the time, energy and focus to dominate any tasks that you handle!

These are five simple things that you can implement TODAY.

But they only work if you do them and do them right.

It is a proven, easy-to-implement technique you can use to create a happier, more productive, more blended (and richer!) life for yourself.

Article written by madhu

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