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How Healthy Is Your Mortgage?

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How Healthy Is Your Mortgage?

Get expert help reviewing your loan terms & immediately improve your financial situation.

Like scheduling annual doctor appointments, setting up a routine review with Madhu, from Finance and Mortgage solutions, is critical to your financial health.

Are you thinking about any of the following - need help?

• Buying a Home
• Starting A New Business
• Expanding Your Family need to upgrade Home
• Remodeling Your Home
• Helping your Children With Education
• Preparing For Retirement
• Paying for Large Purchases After Retirement
• Planning for Charity and Donations
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How can you be sure you’re financially prepared for them? What if something unexpected happens?

These are huge life goals and together we can make you ready!

Imagine you knew your financial situation so well that you could easily handle two or more of your big life goals at once–you looked at them and said to yourself “Bring it on!”

A yearly mortgage review can help protect you and your loved ones and align your current goals with your financial picture, allowing you to create more wealth, reduce debt, and stay prepared for life’s big events.

Take advantage of Madhu’s 20 plus years of experience in the financial sector and get expert advice on optimizing your finances!
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Is your mortgage suiting your current needs? Circumstances can change in an instant, and your planning should be able to change with you.

Nothing helps you get a leg up on creating wealth more than having options. What would you be able to accomplish if you could get a lower interest rate or shorten your loan’s life term?

An annual review, expertly performed by a Madhu, can expand the possibilities of how you structure your debt and assets:

• You could decide if you want to lower your monthly mortgage payments with a new interest rate,

• Or choose to keep paying your current rate and reduce your mortgage term instead, paying it off more quickly.

• Find out if you qualify for a second mortgage, and buy that vacation home or investment property you’ve been dreaming of.

• Cash out or refinance your equity to remodel your home or pay off higher-interest debt.

You should never feel locked into a mortgage or a loan. Doing an annual review can keep your financial health agile and responsive, allowing you to quickly pivot and adjust your finances to meet any challenges.

One of the most valuable things you can do to protect yourself is to is to annually look over your finances, including life and medical insurance, with your financial advisor.

Because you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you control your finances, they don’t control you.

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You should never feel locked into a tough financial situation. 
We want you to feel like we’ve always got your back.

Stressed out to the max because you have so many bills to pay?

Learn How We Can Help You With Reducing Your Monthly Expenses Up To 40% even if you have bad credit.

Life gets hard. Look what’s happened in the last few years with COVID!

What would happen if you suddenly find yourself unable to work because you need to spend time nursing your elderly parents, or an unexpected pregnancy appears and your partner wants to take 18 months off to give your baby the best start in life?

Keeping up with your finances can be challenging when surprises come up. A single unexpected event can overwhelm you with medical bills, student loans, car loans, credit card bills, or high interest.
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We are here to help, every day. We understand you to help navigate through changes in your circumstances. Our services are designed to offer a holistic and objective solution, with a complete focus on your needs.

No matter how huge or scary, we’ll keep you prepared for life’s big events

You love your family so much you’ll do anything for them, right?

Of course you will.

Anytime your family’s circumstances change, it’s a good idea to schedule a financial review to make sure you are prepared for anything unexpected.

• Got (another) baby on the way?

• Thinking about a large purchase, like a new car?

• Need to ramp up your retirement savings?

• Want to start that new business you’ve been dreaming about?

Optimizing your financial situation can make you better prepared for anything life throws in your path.

What will you do if an illness forces you to retire sooner than you expected? Or if your new baby needs expensive medical treatment?

We can help you weather life’s challenges by keeping your financial life healthy and agile.

You’ll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your family’s finances are secure.

Schedule a loan review with Madhu and get holistic, objective advice tailored to your financial goals!

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See What Some Of Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say:

"Madhu and her mighty team have managed to pick up a Westpac mess I found myself in and miraculously organized a better loan in a fraction of the time it has taken me in the past. Their hard work and dedication has meant the settlement date is now back on track and imminent. The team has proven it’s simply better to get experts on the job - the better than I hoped results speak for themselves." - Meg Yee

"Thank you to Madhu and her team for recently helping us get our dream home! Both my husband and I have used Madhu for our first home in the past with no hiccups, stress, or worries and we received nothing but professionalism, support, and guidance from her and her team. 5-star service, highly recommend this business." - Sarah Fernandez

"Good service, treat us like their own. If I buy a hundred properties in Australia I will still prefer them as my consultant." - Chand Guliyara

Madhu Chaudhuri can help you transform your finances & accomplish your dreams

Madhu Chaudhuri grew up in India as the daughter of a single parent, having come as a migrant and learnt firsthand the value of empathy for people of diverse circumstances. As an award-winning, highly experienced broker and financial Advisor, she understands financial stability as a key driver in mental and physical health, and is committed to helping especially women Expats and migrants–become financially independent.

Madhu runs a successful mentorship program, providing structure, support, problem solving and hands-on guidance to brokering trainees. She encourages her mentees to go further for each client and be an asset to society. Being a migrant herself with no outside resources or financial support, she has a profound understanding of the pain points of migrants and fosters a can-do approach, never taking no for an answer.

She is steadily transforming the mortgage and finance industry with her Indian, female, and migrant-centered approach to mentoring and broking. She specializes in offering advice and support with budgeting, business planning, goal setting, cash flow, wealth creation, property purchasing, and more.

Her purpose is to be a role model for women and migrants, helping them become financially savvy and independent. Led by strong family values and culture, she regularly helps refugees, expats, migrants, families, and small businesses achieve their business ownership, property and finance dreams.

With her experience and background, Madhu can help you transform your finances and accomplish your dreams.

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