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Expert guidance on competitive personal loan options

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Flexible loan options

If you're seeking a personal loan, we can help you access competitive offers from reputable Australian-based lenders

Flexible terms

We'll make sure the terms of the personal loan suit your lifestyle, situation and goals. 

Possible uses of a personal loan

– Debt consolidation
– Wedding or holiday
– Education expenses
– Medical procedures

How the process works

We'll discuss your needs and understand more about your situation
We'll research the thousands of options available
We'll apply on your behalf to the lender of your choice
This loan is designed for individuals who want to use their car mainly for private purposes, and for whom ownership is important. You can structure the monthly instalments to suit your individual budgetary requirements. By opting to place a large deposit, or by nominating to make a final lump sum payment at the end of the finance term, you can conveniently decrease your monthly repayments, giving you greater flexibility when managing your budget and planning your financial commitments.
Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to you as soon as the first payment is made, in exchange for the security over the vehicle. This is discharged upon payment of the final instalment. You may also have the opportunity to re-finance your final lump sum payment at the end of the contract term if you wish.
A number of payment options are available for Consumer Sale by instalments including direct debit, extra repayments can be made during the contract term. Consumer Loan applies to new or used passenger vehicles, and gives you the opportunity to build equity and own your next car.
Another option is to take a personal loan with the purpose of buying a car. In this case the car is in the name of the purchaser. The lender does not have any interest on the car.

Things to assess:

  • Financial Position
  • Capacity to borrow funds
  • Make and Model of car
  • Resale value
  • Value of Trade in car
  • Balloon or residual amount
  • Cash flow plan for tenure of loan

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We understand you to help navigate through changes in your circumstances. Our services are designed to offer a holistic and objective solution, with a complete focus on your needs.

Client's Reviews

sagar ranganath
sagar ranganath
I have worked with the team for a few months now.Absolutely great team to work with! Guided me with the best available options in the market.
Harry Verma
Harry Verma
Many thanks to the Team at Finance and Mortgage Solutions which helped me to secure my bank loan without any fuss. Their fully secured digital technology made every part of the loan process very easy and hassle free.
Manasi Thompson-Milne
Manasi Thompson-Milne
Madhu, Arnab and team have helped us with refinancing our mortgage with so much ease. They understood our concerns and were able to tailor a solution that was ideal for our situation. They kept us upto date at all times and were able to quickly resolve any problems that arose. Their wealth of knowledge across mortgages as well as finance overall has been immensely valuable. Anyone looking for advise and tailored solutions especially families, new migrants or someone who’s just confused with the options available should give this team a call.
Ajit Singh
Ajit Singh
I joined as a mentee under Madhu Chaudhuri from Finance and Mortgage Solutions in 2017, and worked under her supervision till March 2021. I have learnt Residential and Commercial lending while being mentored by her. Now I am running my own Mortgage broking business successfully since I April 2021. The weekly classes and networking sessions run by Finance and Mortgage solutions were quite helpful to keep me updated with latest policies of the Finance Industry. I want to express my gratefulness that I had an opportunity to work and learn working with Madhu Chaudhari. She is an amazing mentor who has made a substantial change in my career over the past few years. She fully understands the needs and inspires new brokers to bring out best in them. She has tons of experience & immense knowledge in the finance & mortgage industry.
Vidya Rajaram
Vidya Rajaram
It’s been a pleasure working with Madhu. She carefully analysed our situation and looked into all areas of our outgoings and ensured we maximised our savings to be able to save for our future. She is really patient and her advice on various fronts of our finance structure helped us immensely. She is a walking encyclopaedia of all things finance. Definitely will recommend her to everyone who needs a great adviser... She has certainly made a friend for a lifetime...
Rupayan Chowdhury
Rupayan Chowdhury
As a first home buyer, I was really facing so much issues. The advice, support and service Finance and Mortgage Solution that are giving me are simply amazing. I highly recommend FMS for mortgage related consultancy.
Ramprasad Krishnaswamy
Ramprasad Krishnaswamy
Madhu was my mentor for 2 years from November 2016 to June 2018. She was available during working hours for any questions and she believes in helping her mentees to learn by working through scenarios and arriving at the approriate solutions. My skills in developing appropriate scenarios to the unique financial situation of a customer were enhanced during the mentorship. How to talk to the assessors and how to approach a BDM for a solution were skills that were honed during this period.Finally pitching the loan to the customer and compliance training were addressed in great detail. Madhu is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her anytime as a mentor for any person wishing to become a Broker.
Yuva Raj
Yuva Raj
Madhu and team are thorough professionals and am really happy with the advise they provided to make informed decisions. I have gone again with Madhu for the construction loan. She was able to secure us an excellent deal after going through with several lenders. Appreciate thier customers first approach and commitment. Thanks a lot again.
Dheerajkumar KR
Dheerajkumar KR
I cant recommend much more than this. Well organised, good follow up, great mentorship and guidance throughout. Recommends based on our specific needs and answers to all our questions patiently and responsibly!
Sunny Puri
Sunny Puri
I recently got a home loan approved from Finance & Mortgage Solutions. I cannot thank them enough for their help excellent service and highly recommend especially Madhu and Arnab without them it wouldn't have been possible . Thanks 👍.