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fastI actively recruit women to join my teams even though my business operates in a male dominated industry.
My millennial children have taught me more about enjoying life and work though I thought I had a great work life balance by working close to home.
Learning to work efficiently and in an environment which is supportive is more important than working 9-5. As women and family makers we need to work less hours, be productive and need to maintain our energy levels to enjoy the small daily pleasures like sitting down to enjoy a chat with the family at the dinner table.

My company has a solid reputation for hiring across all cultures and that opens up opportunities for me to connect with the best. My team each have their style, support each other, empathize with clients and bring great talent and diversity which has been the single reason for our annual awards this year. Working remotely is one of our great attributes thanks to modern technology.

I find that incorporating diversity in my workplace delivers immediate advantages and long-term benefits. Employee diversity greatly increases your ability to rise above the competition. My team speaks 8 Indian languages apart from English. Their different backgrounds give them unique problem-solving skills that cover everything from handling client queries to coming up with creative ideas, and helping them in their own language to better serving the financial needs and guidance.

Experienced employees teach without bias and new hires know that they’re all starting off on the same level playing field and are keen learners. Everyday I read and learn and have made a commitment to staying informed and helping my clients who are busy with their daily lives.

We encourage self starters, disciplined and motivated individuals from a non-finance background to contact us to see what we can offer to people who are optimistic and are constantly learning and applying. Contact me at to voice your view point.