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Reduce Energy Bill Cost

Energy gets expensive

The energy bill forms the largest part of most household budget's. #energy #Energybill #Budget #Householdbudget       #savings
Here are a few pointers on how you can manage it better.

1. Turn off appliances at the wall – don’t leave them on standby.
2. Beat the winter chill by keeping your heater at 20 degrees to save energy.
3. Washing your clothes with cold water can result in some big savings and let the sun dry your washing instead of a dryer
4. Short showers do more than just save water – they save energy, too.
5. Chilled beer as needed, an extra fridge can cost you over $250 a year.

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Tips to save money on your Energy Bill







Have you been considering a way to improve your home, get more money in your wallet, and have something to show off to your judgmental neighbors? You might want to think about investing in solar panels for your house. #renovation#investment #solar #Energybill #energy
Below are just four advantages of having solar panels installed in your home.

1. Reduced Electricity Bill
Installing solar power in your home gives you the freedom to look forward to receiving your next electricity bill, as you know it’s going to look much better than before the solar panels existed. Solar power cuts down your electricity usage significantly. If you’re on a budget, start with one and see what difference it makes.
2. Government Pay Back
State governments offer rebates and other financial incentives to those who install solar panels. Just make sure you do a quick search of local legislation as these pay backs change often.
3. Increase the Value of Your Home
Additions like solar panels can really increase your home’s value. You may not be planning to sell anytime soon, but just listing solar panels as a feature can boost your home as an asset, making it even more valuable in the immediate and longer term.
4. Love Your Environment
One significant advantage to the installation of solar panels in your home is the environmental benefit they bring.
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