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Reduce Energy Bill Cost

Energy gets expensive

The energy bill forms the largest part of most household budget's. #energy #Energybill #Budget #Householdbudget       #savings
Here are a few pointers on how you can manage it better.

1. Turn off appliances at the wall – don’t leave them on standby.
2. Beat the winter chill by keeping your heater at 20 degrees to save energy.
3. Washing your clothes with cold water can result in some big savings and let the sun dry your washing instead of a dryer
4. Short showers do more than just save water – they save energy, too.
5. Chilled beer as needed, an extra fridge can cost you over $250 a year.

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Energy bills have been on the rise and are likely to keep increasing.

Energy bills are a big part of the monthly household budget and recent price rises have added to these costs.#budget #SavinCleanenergy #greenenergy#energy

From using the clothes line instead of a dryer to using solar panels there are plenty of options to stay within your household budget.

The good news is that there are lower price plans in the market and you can save money by switching, especially if you have been on the same plan for a while. So read your current bill carefully and make the necessary changes.

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