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Role of the Financial Advisor is changing


Changing Roles of a Financial Planner
You can plan your finances using an App these days.
Although technology has eroded some of the reasons for people to seek the help of a financial advisor, it has also created new opportunities for advisors to reach more people. #financialplanner #homeloan #wealthcreation #finance#financialadvisor

Many firms have embraced technology to a degree but have failed to see any
significant rewards. For financial advisors to get the most from their online profile, social media and technology as a whole they need to focus on:
1. Having a predefined ideal client type: Create your online profile and message to appeal to these personas.
2. Focus on providing value in exchange for basic contact information: Such as downloadable guides, webinars, videos, free online consultations. Use social media to share and promote.
3. Develop a re-marketing process: It is vital to continually engage with your contacts that are generated through your offerings, remind them of your firm and the benefits you have to offer them.

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