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I am a firm believer in Financial freedom and to achieve that you need to create wealth from the day you start earning

1. Your Retirement Goals Are a Mistake.

The biggest mistake retirees make is giving up their active income. By active income, I mean money you make through your labour or through a business you own. Passive income, on the other hand, is what you get from Social Security, a pension, or a retirement account. #retirement

Don’t give up on the idea of retirement just think of retirement differently, think of the 80:20 Principle. Instead of spending 80% of your time working for money and 20% having fun, you can spend 20% of your time working (why not make it a new venture you've been daydreaming of or a second career?) and 80% having fun—and be free from financial worries.

2. If You Chase Yield, You'll Lose

The most important factor in wealth building is not the return on your investment...but the accumulation of net investable wealth (NIW). NIW is the amount of money you're able to devote to investing after you've paid for all your regular expenses—your car, home, debts, and loans.#investment

This is why the intelligent wealth builder devotes the lion's share of his savings to increasing his income and having realistic goals - market averages plus or minus 10%. Invest more and have lesser idle savings.

3. Pinching Pennies Won't Make You Richer or HappierSpending money prudently is an economic virtue, but being stingy—i.e., paying less than market value for goods or services simply because you can—is a flaw. The rich man who under-tips, does so because he is simply a cheapskate and not because he has learned the value of money. It's as simple as that.

I tell you this to emphasize a key part of the simple money-management system I've used to generate millions in wealth...

I don't believe in scrimping severely to optimize savings. I believe you can live a rich life while you grow rich, so long as you are willing to work hard and you are smart about your spending.

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Ok, so you may be thinking that a career will help you make money or if you had money why have a career?

Here’s how:

1) Money is our number one source of stress. If you’re concerned about money, you would perhaps not be able to take that leap of faith into what you like or love. Taking control of your money, and earning more money over time by investing, can help us spend more time focused on work, rather than focused on not having money. So we can do a better job in our work.

2) Tell me: Would you feel better about going for that new job, which will really challenge you, if you have more money to fall back on? Would you feel better about starting that new business you’ve always dreamed about if you have more money? And would you march into your boss’ office with the proverbial “take this job and shove it” if you have more money?

The answer to all of these is, of course, yes. Financial control and financial equality are freedom. It can trap us in bad jobs and bad
relationships. Can we really achieve equality without achieving financial equality?

If we’re not investing, we’re doing most of the hard work around money. but we’re only getting about half the reward. And so we’re depriving ourselves of the ability to take on more risks in our career, to “play,” to have more fun in what we do, to do more in our careers, if we don’t have a financial cushion built up.

That’s why investing your money can be some of the best advice for building an amazing career and life.