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Winning Attitude


To make progress and enable higher quality, more productive work you need to consider the following three As. #progress #attitude #winning #success

1. Attitude is a state of mind that where you are conscious of what you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. It’s about being prepared to listen and reflect. This targeted concentration enables you to ignore the distractions and make progress.
2. Attention is about being focused on the task in front of you and giving yourself
enough time to complete it. This involves doing work in dedicated chunks of time. Highly productive people set aside the morning for highly complex thinking. They also ruthlessly manage their schedule to ensure they don’t waste time. 

3. Aptitude is about being really clear on the purpose of the task and
having the plans and patience to carry them through. This is about knowing what
you need to pay attention to and prioritising your focus accordingly. It’s also about
being clear on why you want to do this because if the motivation is missing it will
be hard to follow through.

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Do you constantly overspend? You personality might be controlling your purse…

Did you know that each letter of your Myers-Briggs type could affect your finance?  #Investment #Personality #introvert #extrovert #Planning#shopping

Extroversion vs. Introversion
The E-I preference pair deals with the way people source their energy. Extroverts may be prone to overspending on social activities like annual getaways with friends or work happy hours. Introverts on the other hand, may spend too much time alone pondering a big money decision, arming themselves with loads of information but not seeking potentially useful outside input.

Sensing vs. Intuition
The two middle letters that make up your MBTI personality type shed light on (1) how you absorb information and (2) how you make decisions or come to conclusions. Sensing is about taking in information in a very specific, step-by-step, sequential way. People who show a preference for Intuition prefer the big-picture information. People with extroversion and sensing preferences might not consider what’s coming around the corner so it’s important that they consider how their present decisions could affect long-term goals.

Thinking vs. Feeling
Thinking people make a pros-and-cons list. Those with a feeling approach, however, give weight to how their choices will affect those close to them.

Judging vs. Perceiving
The J-P preference pair captures the way you organize your world. People who fall under the judging could be a bit too hasty when it comes to making money moves because they just want to experience the “joy of closure. Perceiving people they tend to drag their feet because they desire casualness and flexibility. Which means that they may wait too long to make those important financial decisions.

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