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Retaining clients - Keep your customers away from your rivals 

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Customer is king - We often hear this. But how do you retain customers?

Here are our tips:

1. Make sure you have the right number of people on your team dedicated to
customer support. Figure out how many support members you need to be able to respond to your average number of incoming messages per hour.
2. If you don’t have the resources to respond to most of your customer service
messages in an hour, tell them what time frame they will hear
from you.
3. Set up your workflows so you have easy tools to speed up the response
process. We recommend a tool for assigning emails to different members of
your team, and an integration that lets you see the context on a customer’s
order history without having to log into a different service.
4. Pick an email and social media management product that’s fast enough.
You want one with keyboard shortcuts and no page load. If your customer
service team is using it 8 hours a day,
5. Consider speed over perfection. It might be a nice touch to add emojis or
personalization, but if you have to choose between that and a rapid
response, go with the latter.

I personally use these ideas at my workplace. Tell me your ideas to improve performance at 0425 341 086 or by email at