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Winning Attitude


To make progress and enable higher quality, more productive work you need to consider the following three As. #progress #attitude #winning #success

1. Attitude is a state of mind that where you are conscious of what you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. It’s about being prepared to listen and reflect. This targeted concentration enables you to ignore the distractions and make progress.
2. Attention is about being focused on the task in front of you and giving yourself
enough time to complete it. This involves doing work in dedicated chunks of time. Highly productive people set aside the morning for highly complex thinking. They also ruthlessly manage their schedule to ensure they don’t waste time. 

3. Aptitude is about being really clear on the purpose of the task and
having the plans and patience to carry them through. This is about knowing what
you need to pay attention to and prioritising your focus accordingly. It’s also about
being clear on why you want to do this because if the motivation is missing it will
be hard to follow through.

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In this day of rightsizing and downsizing, many employees are working harder than ever to maintain productivity on the job.

eat frog

Tip #1 to increase productivity - Eat the Frog

Here is what you can do to "jump" ahead.

#EattheFrog #productivity #success #inspiration #achieve

Mark Twain first coined this phrase over a hundred years ago. The basic idea is that when you “eat the frog” first thing in the morning, nothing else will seem as bad the rest of the day. So start by getting your most distasteful task done at the beginning of the day, and if you can’t “eat the whole frog,” set a timer for 30 minutes and just “eat a frog leg” to gain a feeling of accomplishment and get the ball rolling.

Tip#2 to higher productivity - Manage Interruptions
#productivity #success #inspiration #achieve

Studies have shown that each interruption can cost 10 to 15 minutes of productivity each day. You can start by turning off email alerts and other technological distractions when you need to focus. 
Just imagine...minimizing even two interruptions can be the equivalent of 30 minutes of increased productivity per day, which translates to 22 days of increased productivity over the course of a year.

Tip #3 to higher productivity - Time Out Moments
#productivity #success #inspiration #achieve

Having too much on our mind, makes us distracted, forgetful and overwhelmed. To counteract brain overload, try taking occasional time-outs including short “breathers” throughout the day. Take 2 or 3 minutes every other hour to take deep breaths and to stretch your muscles. Also take five or ten minutes to purge any ‘to-do’ lists, meal plans or general worries by writing them all down in a notebook or at the keyboard so you can move ahead with a clearer mind.

Tip #4 to higher productivity - Focus On One Task
#productivity #success #inspiration #achieve #multitask

Many assume that doing two or three tasks at the same time will get work done faster, but multi-tasking is “the death of productivity. 
Research has shown that multi-tasking lowers your IQ by ten points – more IQ points than losing a whole night’s sleep. We’re far more effective and productive when we give ourselves permission to focus on one task at a time.

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How to create more business is a question that’s on the minds of most individuals who are either in business or looking to open their own business.

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People love dealing with Givers.  As a mortgage broker, one of my key observations was - Successful people were not the constant givers. You had to ask for an appointment, you had to meet with them to show that you are serious and that you care about the work you do. You had to then repeat it to be able to earn the business.

The really helpful ones, statistically, the ones consistently looking for ways to help others were finishing last – Refer to them as “Givers”. Now here’s the fascinating thing about people. Whilst Givers were over represented at the bottom, they were also over represented at the top of the success metrics.

Meaning whilst nice people do finish last, they also finish first.

What differentiates the first and last givers?

In the middle of the spectrum were the “Matchers” (people who balance giving and taking) and the “Takers” (people who selfishly try to get more and give less).
The key difference between the Givers who succeeded and the ones who ended up last, is that totally selfless Givers exhaust themselves helping others and end up being exploited by the Takers.
Whereas the winning Givers were able to create boundaries and felt no shame holding back when they needed to.
These results are consistent not only in sales but also across all industries. Creating boundaries is vital for playing the long game, especially in a service industry like ours.

Don't think that you need to accept every deal - not every deal is clean business. Never sacrifice your integrity or your happiness to please others. How far are you willing to go to help others? Let me know on 0425 341 086.

MC MFAA Finalist

We are immensely grateful for the recognition as a 2017 NSW/ACT Finalist - Community Champion at the MFAA 2017 Awards. Immigrants from the Indian subcontinent are an emerging community who form a major chunk of the first home buyers. We have been recognized for the work done extensively in NSW, ACT and VIC towards this growing community.#MFAA2017 #MFAA #Broker #Mortgage #Success #Motivation #Mentor

We have also been recognized as a finalist in the Residential Broker category of the year. The support and wishes of our customers make us truly blessed. This drives our passion to educate and assist our community whether its their first home or an investment portfolio. We have been recognized for all the work we do to alleviate our client's fears and journey with them on a path to build a future which is freedom from financial woes.

We have been mentoring future brokers and are looking to expand our winning team. Contact me at 0425 341 086 or on