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Findings From The Mosaic Project – Laura VanderKam




We often say “But I don’t have time”, but research shows that successful women are doing it daily. Women earning six figures, with families and kids, work 44 hours on average and still find time to sleep around 54 hours a week. #Women #WomenPower #Success #Winning#MosaicProject #CareerWomen #TimeManagement

Here are 10 Tips from the project
1. Keep A Time Log – Be accountable for the time you spend on each task
2. Move Work Around – Work shifts, part time or flexibly
3. Look Forward – Create a list of dreams - if we know where we’re going ,it’s easier to get there.
4. Be Strategically seen - Invest time in relationships at work. When you’re at conferences, make sure you connect with people there.
5. Build In Space – Don’t overbook your day with appointments, ensure that you have time to listen to a client or to share a cup of coffee with a colleague.
6. Be There At Home - Home life deserves the same mindfulness as your working life. Go for a family walk, try a new recipe or read books from the library.
7. Let It Go - Housework, errands, packing lunches. A sauce from a bottle saves precious time that you can spend with your family.
8. Get As Much Help As You Need - You are better off getting the help you need and being more relaxed at work and at home.
9. Nurture Yourself - In The Mosaic Project, the women slept about eight hours a day. Also, people exercised about 3.3. hours a week. Self care such as sleep and exercise is what enables women to have their busy lives. It gives you the energy to be focused and productive.
10. Look At The Whole Mosaic - There will be good moments and bad moments. There can be stressful days in the middle of a very good life, try to do better the next day. If you look at the big picture, you will see a lot more joy in your life.

I can relate to these 10 ideas. How about you? Share your views on Facebook.