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Arnab has more than a decade of experience in various industry verticals and global markets. His primary expertise is in business processes and operations in logistics.

He has consulted Fortune 100 companies and has worked with organisations in the private, public and government services. He has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific and Australian markets. He is innovative and provides solutions that bring value to the organisation.

Arnab has been instrumental in bringing to Finance and Mortgage; business consulting services in the SME space to synergise the Commercial services to existing and new clients. He has been working with financial institutions, associate partners and banks integrating the systems internally to provide transparent information and service delivery for clients.

Madhu brings a fresh outlook to seemingly arduous situations and easily crafts solutions providing customers a holistic solution to have a foundation on which they can achieve their goals with relative ease.

More than a decade she has been working in wholesale property and financial markets nationally. Having a background of Architecture she brings in discipline and creativity to bring fresh and thoughtful solutions on the table. Her adept understanding of money and credit is pragmatic, practical and logical.

In the last five years she has developed Finance and Mortgage Solutions to be recognized by major lending and financial institutions for integrity and quality in the delivery of customer solutions.

She is presently spearheading a solutions campaign in light of the GFC to provide customers both individuals and business owners to avail value added services that will make the going all the more easier.